Lasea Casino Casino Se menciona la tragamonedas The Curse Of Frankenstein para los jugadores de Barcrest Casino

Se menciona la tragamonedas The Curse Of Frankenstein para los jugadores de Barcrest Casino

The Curse Of Frankenstein became, in 1957, the second big-name film based on Mary Shelley’s gothic horror tale. The first was the 1931 Universal Pictures hit starring Boris Karloff, and it was simply titled Frankenstein. The Curse of Frankenstein was, however, the first horror film made in color by the renowned British studio Hammer Film Productions. It cast Christopher Lee, after ten years as a prolific but little-known actor, as an instant horror star.

As a cult horror classic, The Curse Of Frankenstein also established Peter Cushing forever in the public mind as the arrogant Dr. Frankenstein, and Hazel Court as Elizabeth, his hapless fiancée. Slots developer Barcrest has wisely stuck to the classic movie in its digital slot title The Curse Of Frankenstein, using still images and clips from the movie, while importing other design elements faithfully from the original. For fans of the classic Hammer Horror, this authenticity can make the game more special, despite its fairly standard features.

Images taken directly from film

The five reels and 9 paylines of The Curse Of Frankenstein are housed in a frame of metal rods and balls, the paylines indicated with light bulbs, based on the famous resurrection device from the film. The reel frame is attached to the machine’s control panel, which houses the game controls and information buttons. In the background, Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory lit by candles, bathed in blood-red light. The portentous music enhances the authentic atmosphere, drawn directly from the tension-generating strings of Hammer Horrors, and hits high-pitched crescendos on wins. Like, the title of the slot can be played online and via mobile devices.

The Curse Of Frankenstein slot uses just eight game symbols in total, aside from the Scatter, a satisfyingly small number that makes it easy to form winning combinations of three or more. Three poker symbols, Q, K, and A, are represented as stitched limb pieces in gangrenous shades of purple, green, and orange. Everyone pays 10 credits per trio, but Q and K earn 40 credits for four matches and 160 for five, while A earns 60 and 200 credits for the same respective combinations.

Photo real characters and real clips

The three middle value symbols are the three star characters in Frankenstein’s Curse: in ascending order of value Elizabeth, Dr. Frankenstein, and the Monster, represented by actual still images from the film. For five of a kind, they pay 240, 300, and 400 credits, respectively. Whenever they are involved in a win, these characters are animated in short movie clips taken directly from the cult classic, a microprocessor advantage that Barcrest exploits in various slot machines.

The Curse Of Frankenstein movie poster is used as the slot machine’s tallest ordinary icon, paying 1,000 coins for five games. The Wild, just the word Wild on the movie scene, has the usual substitution power of other symbols and also earns up to 10,000 credits; the latter for combinations of five reel 1 wilds on a payline.

Standard bonus game triggered by Scatter

The bonus game at The Curse Of Frankenstein will be familiar to many slot fans; a round of 10 free spins, triggered by three or more appearances of the Hammer Films logo anywhere, which is the Scatter. The backdrop changes to black and white for this round, and the player also wins a multiplier of the total spin bet, depending on how many Scatters they score.